Meeting Facilitation With Improved Productivity

Are you an organization that could use assistance with:

  • ensuring that the purpose and desired outcome of your planning and strategy work session groups are clearly understood by all involved?
  • ensuring inclusive and effective participation, mutual understanding amongst team members, and individual contribution consideration and inclusion in idea generation, solutions, and decisions?
  • improving behaviors, attitudes, and approaches to advance your team efforts toward positive results?
  • efficient and effective management of the time allotted for your work group sessions?
  • discussion flow that gets the best from all members, and brings your work group session experience through to a successful conclusion?
  • feedback, revealing blind spots, inadvertent behaviors and attitudes, which impact your team’s ability to be efficiently and effectively successful?

Many well-intended group planning and strategy work sessions experience challenges such as vague or inconsistent goals and procedures, long meetings, unequal group involvement and commitment, group conflicts, lack of adequate communication, lack of consideration for differing communication styles, extreme power differences, lack of focus on work session purpose and goals, and/or poor internal customer relationship and communication. These are serious issues that can lead to inefficient and/or ineffective decisions and work session outcomes.

Through an objectively guided work session tailored to your teams needs with a purely planning and strategy process focus, the overall goal of Entrée Savvy’s work session facilitation is to provide efficient and effective discussion management flow.

Entrée Savvy’s work session facilitation will provide an environment in which your team’s planning and strategy work session group can flourish, creating winning solutions and reaching successful decisions. 

Entrée Savvy is enthusiastic about the prospect of facilitating your team’s planning and strategy work session to ease the process of ensuring objectives are met with efficiency and effectiveness, clear thinking, good participation, and buy-in from everyone involved.

If your strategy is not savvy, it doesn’t matter, OUR’s IS Entree Savvy!

Allow Entree Savvy to assist you with facilitating strategy for your team’s work session success.

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